Brick NJ Composite - Tooth Colored Fillings

Modern dentistry is allowing patients to change and revamp their appearance. Techniques and technologies give patients a whole new way to fix their dental problems while maintaining a truly stunning smile.

Modern technology has brought about the White Composite Filling. This type of filling is a tooth colored filling. Gone are the days of a mouth filled with silver. White composite fillings allow one to fix a cavity and keep the natural looking white coloring to their teeth.

Newer materials have been introduced in the field of dentistry that can be used effectively as dental fillings. Generally, the dental filling comprises of two phases; in the first phase, the weakened or disintegrated teeth/tooth is taken out and in the next phase the area is refilled by the dentists.

Why go for Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are the most effective way to put a stop to the bacteria and germs from further deteriorating the health and appearance of the teeth. The process of breaking down or rotting in the tooth results in dental cavities. Untreated dental cavities can result in bone loss in the advanced stages.

During the dental filling process a dentist will:

Numb the oral cavity including the tongue, teeth and gums are also numbed with a gel like substance. Later an anesthetic injection will be given.
The dentists may also use nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to reduce the stress or pain levels in the patients.
The disintegrated tooth may require drilling, which can cause discomfort for some patients.
A rubber dam is used by the dentist to keep the liquid or the teeth chips from entering the throat.
The part extracted through drilling is refilled in the later stages of treatment.

Post treatment

Effects from anesthesia include:

Numbness of tongue and gums; numbness may last for up to 1 day after treatment
Difficulty speaking
Due to numbness, patients need to take precaution in not biting their tongue or cheek

Treatment effectiveness

Good oral hygiene is crucial to the longevity of dental fillings. The patient should ask their dentist about the correct way to brush and floss their teeth; as well as which toothpaste they should use to sustain the health of their teeth and fillings.