Brick NJ Dentures

Brick NJ dentures

Most Brick NJ women around the age of 40 have a common concern, aging and having their looks change.  The Fixodent Attractiveness & Aging Survey found that most women around the age of 40 are most likely to say that their smile is the first physical feature that people notice about them. Not their gray hairs. Not their aging eyes. Not their sagging derrieres. But their smiles! 

Smiling is a topic that can be very frightening for new denture wearers. But once they've adjusted to living with dentures, their new smile will start to feel like their own. New denture wearers may feel people will be able to tell that they are wearing dentures, but in reality it is not obvious to others.  As denture wearers get used to wearing their dentures, their new pearly whites will eventually help them feel more confident, with a smile that appears healthy and natural. Matter of fact, 67 percent of denture wearers say they smile more often since getting dentures!

Now, I know dentures are not often talked about.  Dentures seem to be a taboo topic, one that we keep to ourselves. But when you think about it, it was just about 10 years ago when we would never speak of Botox® or even admit that we had it done. We also never mentioned hair loss or bikini waxes because at one point these were all taboo subjects too. And look at where we are today! Women are discussing topics about aging more openly with one another and are sharing information. We are even devoting full sections of our magazines to dealing with these topics that make us more attractive. Women today have a list of gripes from here to eternity about aging. However, the obvious truth is that no matter what we do, if we get a face lift or if we get our eyes done, we are just going to continue to age, and as such, we're going to have to continue dealing with all of it! Therefore, I think it is about time that we bring the subject of Brick NJ dentures into the world of beauty.